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With Tempo
Take control of the complexity of modern general practice
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Tempo is about Simplifying rotas and workforce planning
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Allowing people to take leave when they want
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Planning for the future with targets and capacity
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Connecting with staff in real-time
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Automating repetitive tasks & saving time
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Tempo knows that transformation happens when you come together as a team
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Tempo effortlessly transforms your data into demand & capacity planning
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Tempo creates a learning system from your data

Solves operational complexity

Standardises workforce and contracted time

Integrates leave, time-off & sickness

Simplifies rotering and workforce planning

Transforms fire fighting into strategic thinking

Integrates flexible staff and locums

Take control of leave, rotering, capacity planning and costs

Tempo brings together workforce management and e-rostering with simple demand & capacity management.

Built over 4 years, by collaboration between an operational team, a clinical team, a strategic team and a digital development team, Tempo is the first genuine solution to the complexity of modern General Practice.

Its easy-to-use, inexpensive and supported by an experienced team.

Tempo standardises your workforce and their work, showing you how the practice works and what it does. Tempo then takes your practice on a pain-free journey into demand & capacity management that has the potential to increase productivity, staff satisfaction and practice profit as well as improve patient outcomes.

Tempo makes staff management and rotering easy, and connects rotas, teams and leave to demand & capacity planning, in a simple way, that enables practices to re-gain control.

Don’t battle appointment complexity and team capacity in spreadsheets or HR software. Tempo brings everything together in one place, connects your teams together and empowers your managers.

Tempo use cases

Powerful views of a hitherto invisible set of planning and operational data, enables you to see clearly.

Clinical systems offer very little in the way of strategic planning, because they don't capture that data. We realised that within practice operational planning and day-to-day practice operations, there is a huge amount of important useful data being generated and then largely lost! On top of this, there is a complex set of operational rules being held onto by operational managers who have to apply these each week, alongside handling day-to-day 'real World' changes.

For many practices, this has been just about manageable but they face a growing amount of complexity from more complex staff roles, flexible work plans and working at scale. Practice managers  need to get to grips with this operational data in order to be in control and plan the financial year but, with such complexity, it's difficult to know where or how to start.

Tempo therefore creates that starting point for a practice manager by creating a useful strategic view within a few weeks and an incredibly powerful set of views within 3 months!

By onboarding your fundamental data sets and standardising the way you work, Tempo quickly creates a view of the organisation over time that enables clear strategic thinking, planning, transparency, equity and reporting.

In Tempo, your operational rules are built-in, by your design and our configuration. This enables Tempo to create powerful time saving rota and leave intelligence, to calculate equity among teams and to semi-automate repetitive processes such as supervision, training, meetings, overtime, TOIL, entitlements and more.

Demand & capacity management in practices

RAG & capacity

Rotering & more

The Foundry model

Rotering, capacity and financial management combined as one
What is Tempo?
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A data crunching
for your capacity
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A rotering system for all staff, that actually works
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A place to standardise what you do
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A place to plan services, workforce & leave
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A connection to your clinical system rotas
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A system that generates business intelligence
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A real-time connection with all your staff

Defining a problem

Demand & capacity

Capacity planning

Targets & templates

How Tempo transforms every day operations into demand & capacity management

Demand and capacity management for GP practices made easy in Tempo

Tempo contains

Bringing the key parts of operational data together to create a demand & capacity system that all managers and staff can interact with, easily

Rotas & templates

Making complex rotering simple to manage, includes Supervision, meetings, rotation & equity, season planning and targets

Staff record & HR

Combines all staff into one place, into pools: partners, salaried, flexible staff, locums, externally contracted & shared staff.

Key elements of HR data become an active part of demand and capacity.


Teams have many options in Tempo and provide a powerful basis for line management, leave management and capacity management

Service lines, budgets

Create any service lines, with rotas, slots, teams and more. Connect your targets and budget lines

Finance data & intelligence

Tempo handles advanced staff costing, planning and forecasting as well as monthly overtime and flexible staff costs

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The thinking of Tempo

All time should be counted within a day

A minute is important


The complexity of capacity is separated, organized & connected to time

See thru the complexity & model in a dynamic way. The parts combine to create the whole. 


Leave is part of capacity & cost

Leave helps to plan service delivery and rota design


Demand is a rota target

Demand is unknowable but a target is a planned response to demand intelligence

Combined operational intelligence

Tempo is the first platform for GP practices that brings together a locum network, the whole workforce rota, leave, finance, HR and clinical system data.

Providing a single place to manage these dimensions not only creates a genuinely useful digital-first solution for practices but it provides the basis for easy, powerful, demand & capacity management and the control & stability that Tempo boasts of.

Network capabilities

Tempo creates a Flexi pool of staff resources and a network of employers and brings sharing, delegation and collaboration options to workforce and rotas. This maximises the staff resources of a neighbourhood and helps to realise the potential of Practices, PCNs & Federations, working together.

Cost effective benefits for patients practices and the local system

Tempo isn’t just about managing demand & capacity. It’s about what you can do when you take control over demand & capacity.

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Demand and capacity planning improve access to care

Improved continuity of care for ‘most complex’ patients

Improved satisfaction with quality of care

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Improved staff wellbeing and retention

Reduced locum spend by rota planning

Savings of £25Kper year (circa one WTE administrator)

Integrated HR and leave management can replace existing HR systems

Financial budgeting and reports, link with payroll and accounting systems

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Independent analysis of a 3 year period:

A reduction in 12,480 non-elective bed days

A Reduction in 170 ambulance conveyances

751 fewer A+E visits

Tempo system

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Who we are working with

Tempo is being used by practices across the South, from Brighton, to Swindon, in Frimley & London. Hear what they have to say about the difference its making to them.

Charter Medical Centre, Brighton

Charter were the first practice to come onboard, after Foundry, and partnered with us to Beta test Tempo for the first year. Start: Jan 2023

“CQC inspector loved the look and capabilities of Tempo during today’s mock inspection”


Lime Tree Surgery, Findon
Our second practice and considered an important partner. Start: Feb 2023

“We have only been using Tempo for a few weeks and, already, it has started to save us time and stress. It is doing a lot of the complex staff work plans, time-off, entitlements , overtime and TOIL calculations for us. This is already saving us many hours per week. As an organisation, we have not even begun to tap the potential of rotering in Tempo. This will no doubt create more time savings for us and, crucially, support longer term demand & capacity planning”


Blackheath Standard Practice, Dulwich
Another early adopter, who has helped us to refine our product


North Swindon Practice & PCN
We connected with this practice at an ANHS conference in July 2023 and began working with them in Jan 2024

“Everything we do will be based on data. I’m a big advocate of data analytics and use”

“Everything is getting away from us and the old ways of doing things is not going to work”


Nexus Group, Frimley
Nexus were impressed by the business intelligence of Tempo as well as its capability to manage their operations at scale. Start: Feb 2024


Foundry Healthcare, Lewes
Foundry are the original partners in the Tempo development journey and could be considered an incubator.
Foundry’s operational usage of Tempo has evolved, alongside the evolution of the product and is, for now, the most advanced user of Tempo

Savings estimator

Tempo enables savings for almost all aspects of operational management and, because it enables working at scale, the savings increase at scale.

How many patients does your operations cover?
Hours per month
Per month
Per year

Our on boarding program

Tempo - Tempo

Tempo – Right Patient Right Clinician Right Time

  • Tempo is a rotering solution for Practices and PCNs that actually works !
  • Created by Foundry PCN and GPnetworks, Tempo is a proven technology, endorsed by the AHSN
  • Featured in the Fuller Stocktake and the Primary Care Access and Recovery Plan
  • Tempo is potentially a lot more than a rotering solution
  • Designed by GP’s for GP’s, Tempo is the only rostering platform that works in the complexity of today’s primary care
  • Giving practices control of workforce and financial planning
  • Insights and planning enables learning from this year to plan next year
  • Improving patient outcomes, staff satisfaction and practice profit at the same time
  • Enabling Practices PCN’s and Federations to work in collaboration

Time is precious

Save administration time

  • Tempo brings together back-office functionality for individual staff, practices, primary care networks, GP federations, including capacity and skill mix planning, workforce and HR management, rostering and room coordination,

Reap the benefits of effective planning

  • Business intelligence and financial management combined with integration with clinical system data provides meaningful insights into the impact of operational design on clinical outcomes and quality.
  • Foundry reduced avoidable GP appointments to 4.5%, reduced high user patient use of appointments from 40 to 30% of appointments, saved 12,500 hospital bed days, improved staff satisfaction and retention whilst improving partner profit levels to allow reinvestment in our staff increasing staff pay.

Core goals

Operational metrics

Locum cover requests
In 5 years
Locum bookings
In 5 years
Federation workforce sessions
In 1 year
Tempo hub assignments
In 1 year

Transforming primary care: The Foundry model

“This approach has improved continuity of care, improved access to a range of services through partnership working, and better utilised additional roles, such as pharmacists, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, social workers and those working on behalf of the voluntary sector…

Foundry’s top 5% of frequent attenders only use 30% of GP consultations compared with 40% elsewhere, and it has reduced the number of appointments being ‘avoidable’ from 9% to 6.5% in late 2021[compared with average of 27% in other primary care services].”

– Fuller report

Foundry PCN - Tempo

The Team

phil wallek Tempo CEO - Tempo

Clinical Director of Foundry PCN

GP Partner for 12 years

NHS Clinical Entrpreneur Programme Alumni

Geraldine Hoban Tempo MD 1 - Tempo

MD of Foundry PCN

Former CCG Accountable Officer & Chief Executive

30 years experience in senior NHS management

MBA from Cass Business School

Chair & NED supporting third sector organisations in healthcare

Joe Aliferis Tempo CTO 1 - Tempo

25 years experience developing digital & leading change

Co-Founder of GPnetworks, leading workforce solutions tool adopted across South East England

Find your home within the network

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We build connections to share our ideas and learn from other organisations.

Get in touch with us about Tempo

If you are a GP practice with an existing account on the GPnetworks network or a new practice or PCN, wishing to start a conversation about Tempo, please use this form to reach out to us.

Safety & Security and IG

With Tempo your security is front and centre

Tempo uses no patient information and a minimal of PID for the staff of your organisation.

The bulk of Tempo data is generated by operational design and operational activity.

Tempo is compliant with modern NHS IG and Digital security standards.


On the technical side, we employ all best practice security methods, including patch management, log analysis, data retention and penetration testing and have a planned operational contingency policy.

More details are available on request

We also provide you with a ready-made, completed DPIA , to help with your IG side of things.

The System & safety

Having grown out of primary care we have a deep understanding of the importance of information governance and data security.

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit standards met.

image 3 - Tempo


We have produced a template Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for your assurance and for your Information Governance team to enable the smooth process of on boarding you onto our system.

image 4 - Tempo

Funding opportunities


Modernising General Practice



Capacity and Access Improvement Payment



Primary Care Flexible staff pool

£200,000 per ICS